Why Life Insurance?

What is the purpose of life insurance?

Your life insurance program should accomplish more than just replace your lost income. There are no absolute rules for determining how much term life insurance you should purchase. Each family's needs are different. Will you need college tuition for your son or daughter? Do you have elderly parents that need your financial support? You need to answer these questions and many more to determine the amount of insurance you will need. Buying the right amount of term life insurance involves answering uncomfortable questions. How much money would your dependents need if you were to die prematurely? The answer is likely be more than you think. Finance magazines recommend a life insurance coverage amount from 7 to 17 times your annual earnings


About Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life

Which Life Insurance Company?

Life Insurance Needs Calculator

This page was created to provide information needed to make informed decisions about the purchase of term life insurance.

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